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Monday, 5/4/15Annual membership meeting with election of officers + playoff information
  • Location: Capital Christian High School, Performing Arts auditorium at the south end of the campus. Enter on Mayhew Road. Map to auditorium
Election information
The election will be conducted as the first item of business at the meeting, as follows: 
  • Meeting sign-in, receive ballot.  You must be present to vote. 
  • Introduction of Candidates, by office, leading with that of president.  The names of those who had sent a Candidates Statement will be read first and then the floor will be opened for additional nominations.  A person may nominate him/herself.  Nominations will not be accepted for persons who are not present at the meeting unless the person making the nomination can present a letter of acceptance and a candidate’s statement from the person being nominated.  This is to prevent a person being nominated and elected only to have that person decline and leave the office vacant. 
  • All Candidates will then be given 2 minutes to make a statement to the body. 
  • The above 2 steps will be repeated for each office.
  • After all Candidates have made their presentations, the body will be asked to complete their ballots and the voted ballots will be collected by the election committee.
  • While the business meeting and training is being conducted, the election committee will tally the votes.  Anyone who wishes to watch the tally is more than welcome to do so. 
  • The last order of business of the meeting will be the announcement of the winners.
There are five offices that will be voted upon:
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer / Registrar
  • Member at Large. 
In order for our organization to operate and succeed, all offices must be filled by persons willing and capable to do the work involved.  Please come prepared to volunteer yourself to run for office and to serve your fellow referees.