Board members  

  updated 10/5/16
 Position   Name  Email 
 President  Richard Davis
 Treasurer  Dick Weiztenberg
 Secretary  Doward Williamson
 Member-at-Large  Nestor Chavez 

Other staff

 Position   Name  Email 
 Assignor  Derek Francois 
 Asst Assignor  David Levin
 Asst Assignor  Neal Rogers 
 Webmaster Alan Lee

Who to contact about... 

  - Assignments: Derek Francois
  Meeting dates/times/locations: any board member 
  - Membership:
  - Other NSCOA business: Richard Davis 
  - Rules: any board member 
  - Website: Alan Lee

Please DO NOT contact Derek about general NCSOA matters. Derek's work is to manage assignments and matters concerning match issues/problems.