Exam and instructions



The electronic version of the NFHS test is in Excel format. If you do not have access to the Excel program please go to the instructions below for the PDF version of the test.

If you have any questions, please contact Kerri Hall at kbhfrog@surewest.net.

Electronic Version

  1. Click on the link above. Download the test to your computer.
  2. Enter you name at the top of the test.
  3. For each question, enter your answer in the box provided to the left of the question. Your entry is not case sensitive (for example, “a” or “A” are the same).
  4. Once you have answered all 100 questions, the score will show at the top of the test.
  5. If your score is 85% or better, attach the completed test to an email and send it to Kerri Hall at kbhfrog@surewest.net.  
Kerri will open the test and return it to you so you can see which questions you may have missed, if any.

PDF Version  + Answer sheet for PDF version

  1. If you do not have access to the Excel program on your computer, click on the links above to download the test and the answer sheet to your computer. Print the test and the answer sheet.
  2. Provide your email address on the answer sheet in case you need to be contacted.
  3. Only place your answers on the answer sheet provided. Please do not put your answer on the printed test questions sheets. 
  4. Mail the completed test answer sheet to:
         Kerri Hall
         2004 Polley Dr
         Roseville, CA 95661
Do not mail the test questions. You will be contacted if you did not pass the test.

The corrected answer sheets are usually made available for pick up at the regional meetings. Any tests not picked up will be discarded.