Disqualification Reports

Disqualification report: see Forms page

Disqualification report guidelines

The assignor needs to be notified of the disqualification as soon as possible after the match, via e-mail, text or phone call. This report must be completed by 9 AM the following day. NO EXCEPTIONS! 

Your disqualification reports are submitted to the league and to the Athletic Director of the school. The ADs are who decide what additional sanctions are to be handed down to the individual. Very rarely are these folks ever present at the match so they have to rely on our report in their decision making process.

It is absolutely essential that our submitted reports are detailed and accurate, quoting the rules by number, and using the rule book verbiage in describing the incident. The reports include only facts, without opinion or emotion. Reports missing this detail leave schools to guess on the missing facts or to contact us for further feedback.

When filling out a report, first fill in the fields in the upper portion of the sheet. Replace the default entries with the items from your match. Use the rule book to get the rule number correct. In the "description" field describe the incident as it happened. lf the send off was for a subsequent caution, describe the first caution first, including the bullet points below, then describe the second caution, again using the bullet points listed below. Finally, describe the disqualification for subsequent caution on page 56 per Rule 12-8 Att.2-C.

For send offs that result from a "straight red," only that particular event needs to be described. ln either case the description portion MUST include the following:

  1. Time of the misconduct 
  2. Score at the time 
  3. Level of intensity of the match 
  4. Location of the misconduct 
  5. The numbers of the players involved (Player sent off and opponent fouled, if applicable) 
  6. Exactly what happened, in detail (lf foul language was involved, the exact words need to be reported in quotations) 
  7. What you did 
  8. Why player/coach was disqualified, using rule book verbiage and rule number. 
  9. Example: The referee blew the whistle immediately to stop the match and stepped in to separate the players. The Referee showed Ms. Ellen Smith the red card and sent her off for exhibiting violent conduct per Rule 12-8-3-a. 

You should also include: Disqualified individual's behavior after being sent off (did they protest, argue, or immediately leave the field without protest or further incident.) Any after effects of the disqualification for the duration of the match. (from the bench, sent off individual, etc.)

Although some of these items are redundant with the fields on the top of the form, they still need to be included in the description field.

Please do not include your contact information in the report. lt is no longer needed. Thank you!